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Supporting Someone with an Eating Disorders During Holidays

  • Thursday, December 15, 2022 11:29 AM
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    Betty Bowman (Administrator)
    • For those people with eating disorders, the holidays can be very upsetting and difficult, full of fear, triggers and isolation.  This is due to exposure to lots of foods, people, parties and get togethers.

      How you can support someone with an eating disorder during the holidays:

      1.     Do not pressure them to eat and do not make a big issue about what and how much they are eating.   Do not draw any attention to them when they do eat.
      2.     Do not focus too much on food.
      3.     Do not talk about weight loss or gain, or diets.  
      4.     Plan activities that are not centered on food – focus on the family and valued time and do things like board games, singing carols, decorating, opening gifts or just talking.
      5.     Be kind and compassionate, patient and nurturing.  Treat them with love and respect.
      6.     Ask them how they are doing and if they need help.
      7.     Do not get angry about how they are feeling, just support them.
      8.     Spend quality time with them and be sure before the holiday itself or family gatherings that you make agreements on how best to support them.
      9.     Keep family get-togethers small and informal, and free of conflict.
      10.  Do not stare.
      11.  Do not let them overly isolate.
      12.  Learn all you can about their eating disorder and its triggers.

    From “How to Support Someone with an Eating Disorder During the Holidays


    “Coping with a Loved Ones Eating Disorder During the Holidays”

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